How To Order ?

How to make an order from Nico Nico?

Here is the instruction to make a wholesale order or Private label/OEM/ODM beverage from Nico Nico. If you need any kind of help, please contact us anytime.

Step 1: Make a purchase

Select items you want to buy -> Enter the information in the form: Submit a purchase request -> Click the button below.

Step 2: We will contact you as soon as we receive the request

Hotline: (+84) 97 8 534 357


Best regards!

Before making a purchase

Fruit juice with nata de coco is currently a drink loved by many consumers. Nico Nico ensures that it brings you the best quality products, meeting the most stringent quality standards. We have a 24/7 customer support team. Ready to answer and support all your questions and requests.
Call hotline now: (+84) 97 8 534 357

After you’ve made your purchase 

Customers will be provided with the best possible service according to the company’s strategy such as delivery dates, logistics services, marketing tools, etc.
We will assist customers in creating amazing advertising banners and posters.
At the same time, if customers need, Nico Nico will support filming products as well as fruit gardens and production processes. 

Nico Nico’s after-sales service

Nico Nico recognizes that consumers need time to penetrate the market and that creating products takes time. Therefore, we make every effort to maintain a price stabilization policy for you for as long as possible, ensuring stable prices for at least one year.

If there is a price adjustment, Nico Nico will balance it and notify consumers three months in advance.

Nico Nico is dedicated to maintaining the quality agreed upon by both parties; Our quality control and quality assurance team works with the utmost responsibility and spirit to ensure that consumers receive the best possible goods.